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Millions Of Products Are 3D Published To The Coronavirus Outbreak Nevertheless They Attract Dangers

Together with the COVID-19 pandemic, an urgent demand has risen globally for psychiatric health and healthcare products. At a scramble to satisfy demand, manufacturers in Australia and globally have switched into 3D printing to deal with shortfalls. Nowadays 3D printers are not uncommon. In 2016, an estimated 3 percent of Australian households owned one and […]

Cities Will Survive, But Urban Layout Has To Adapt To Coronavirus Dangers And Anxieties

The long-term consequences of coronavirus in our towns are tough to forecast, however, one thing is sure towns won’t perish. Diseases are hugely successful in shaping our towns, history reveals. Cities represent continuity no matter emergencies they survive, grow and adapt. While our shortage of memory is possibly a resiliency source, urban planners and designers […]

Retired Village Pension The Wall And What Is Behind It Is 2020

The term retirement is redundant and involvement between individuals of all ages is large. That is how participants at the Longevity By Layout Challenge envisage existence in Australia at 2050. Their struggle was to identify methods to prepare and accommodate Australian towns to capitalise on elderly Australians living longer, healthier and more productive lives. Their […]